The Quest for Arete

The Quest for Arete

The Quest for Arete is an interactive fiction game written and coded in Inform 7 for a Game Jam hosted by Washington State University in November 2020. The game was expanded upon after the conclusion of the Game Jam by a small group of colleagues and myself to fully realize our vision for the project.

The game would later on be presented to a panel of judges for SURCA 2021 where it would win the top prize, the Crimson Award in Humanities.

On this project I served as a UX and game designer, as well a video producer. My role saw me working with a team to consider how the player would engage with the game and migrate those ideas into the game itself through writing, designing, and even coding within the software. I also lead UX testing to provide feedback to our primary developers to ensure the game launched in a completed state.

Below you can see the trailer I created for the project.

To learn more about the project and to play the game yourself you can use the links below!

Project Website

Game Website